Keyless Entry Remote for Cars

Get 2 Keys for the Price of 1*

*Only valid on mechanical keys. Coupon good for $10 off of  transponders, vats, computer chips, and laser cut keys.


Your handy little key fob was a lifesaver for getting you in and out of your car quickly, but it broke, or you lost it along with your keys. Now what? If you’ve gotten a quote from your dealer, you might be under the impression that replacing your keyless entry remote was just too expensive. Here’s a little secret: your dealer charges up to a 300% markup on keyless remotes.

Get a new, fully programmed keyless entry remote for a lot less by calling Pop-A-Lock of Clearwater now.  Since we opened in 1996, Pop-A-Lock locksmiths have programmed thousands of remote keys for just about every car model and make. We provide 24/7 roadside services so that if you’re locked out, we can replace your key and your keyless entry remote at the same time. If you just need a new key fob, it’s the work of a few minutes for our certified locksmiths.

Some inventions just make life a little easier, and your keyless remote is one of them. If you miss being able to auto lock and unlock your doors, set your alarm system, or hit the panic button when you’ve misplaced your car in an endless parking lot, give Pop-A-Lock of Clearwater a call today for a free quote.

Our rates for roadside key fob services are within everyone’s budget.

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