High Security Locks

High Security Locks for Clearwater Businesses

What’s the difference between a regular lock and a high security lock? There are a few key distinctions in how a lock is built and how it performs under pressure. To start with, however, not all locks that claim to be high security actually make the cut. If in doubt, go by brand: Bi-Lock, Mul-T, ASSA, Medeco, and Schlage locks are industry leaders with a reputation to uphold. Their locks include unique mechanisms that make them harder to bump, pick, or force, plus keys that have to be ordered from the manufacturer, and sturdier hardware. High security locks aren’t impossible to crack, but they’re much more trouble than the average thief or disgruntled employee can deal with.

Pop-A-Lock of Clearwater has been selling and installing top quality locks by Schlage, ASSA, and others for the past 15 years. Since we’ve been on both sides of these locks, installing them as well as opening them whenever someone gets locked out or loses a key, we can give you the straight scoop on how well they work to deter the most skilled lock pickers of all — professional locksmiths!

You invested in top of the line equipment and products for your business, so it makes sense to protect it all with high security locks. Give Pop-A-Lock a call today for more information or to get started choosing the right high security lock for your business.

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