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Need a Master Key Lock System in Clearwater?

Getting the right mix of security and accessibility can be difficult for a business in which you have lots of locks, lots of people, and lots of keys. Is a master key system the right solution for you? It’s important to look at both the advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, you’ll achieve different levels of access within a single lock. Managers or janitors who have master keys will have complete access without having to carry a keyring full of keys, and everyone else will have only access to their own offices or desks. Master key systems can be installed on filing cabinets, desks, and doors of all types. However, master key systems can also mean reduced security, keys that open the wrong doors, and the need for careful records.

With over 15 years of experience, Pop-A-Lock of Clearwater has engineered and installed many master key lock systems. One of our certified locksmiths can help you sort out your options and design a highly secure system that meets your needs.

Pop-A-Lock also installs panic bars and door closers in Clearwater. We offer delayed egress and alarmed panic bars that protect your business against losses while meeting building codes for fire and emergency exits. Additionally, Pop-A-Lock can install a wide range of door closers for your business.

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