Does Your Business Need a Master Key System?

Keys might seem small and light if you just have a few, but once they start to add up, you’re looking at a heavy, jangling keyring. Or are you? A master key lock system is one possible solution to dealing with too many keys. Within a master key system, a single master key can open… Read more »

How to Secure Your Home: 4 Areas to Burglar-Proof

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs somewhere in the US every 15 seconds. The good news is that most burglars are opportunists, and taking a few simple measures to boost your home’s security can keep you from becoming their next victim. You can start by plugging security leaks in these four main areas: Doors… Read more »

Locksmith Scams in Clearwater – And How to Protect Yourself

We hate to say it, but there are a lot of bad locksmiths out there, even just in Clearwater, and picking the wrong one can make your life pretty difficult. Bad locksmiths catch you when you’re worried, stressed, and tired – like if you’re locked out of your car at the airport after a long… Read more »

Pop-A-Lock at Dunedin’s Touch a Truck Event

Pop-A-Lock of Clearwater was once again proud to be a part of this year’s annual Dunedin “Touch A Truck” event. Heralded as one of the biggest displays in the south, this event is put on every year for the Parks department to showcase not only local businesses but law enforcement and fire officials as well…. Read more »

Is it time to rekey or change your locks?

Do you know where every copy of your house key is right now? It’s so easy to go down to the hardware store and make a copy that your house keys can easily end up in undesirable hands. In addition to your trusted friends and family, these people could also have your house key: Ex-boyfriends,… Read more »