Locked Out?

Lost Your Keys and Locked out In Clearwater?

Getting locked out always happens at the worst possible time. Your spouse is working late, your friend with the key isn’t picking up the phone, and you need to get into your house right now to feed the dog and change before you pick up the kids. Do you leap heroically over the gate and break a window? Or do you call a locksmith?

Unless you have a taste for adventure and a budget for replacing broken windows, the locksmith is usually the better bet. And if you’re looking for integrity and affordability, Pop-A-Lock is the home locksmith leader in Clearwater.

No matter what kind of lock you have — deadbolt, high security, bump proof, or standard — a certified and experienced Pop-A-Lock locksmith can get you back into your house using special tools that won’t damage your lock. We’ll also take care of your lost keys on the spot by cutting a new set. Except in rare cases, getting locked out of the house won’t mean having your lock drilled and replaced, so if a locksmith claims that your lock cannot be picked, you might just be dealing with a scammer out to charge you hundreds of dollars. Don’t let them work on your lock. Call Pop-A-Lock instead and save yourself a major headache!

We’re here for you 24/7. If you’re locked out of the house, call 727-275-9831 for fast, affordable help. 

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