Pop-A-Lock Clearwater, FL Testimonials

Pop-A-Lock of Clearwater is committed to offering customer service that is second to none. Our customers rave about our quick service in times of need and our ability to make people feel comfortable and helped in stressful situations.

Take a minute to read what some of our customers say about us.

“I live in Ohio and my son resides in Largo, Florida. On August 29th my son who is deaf contacted me to find help for him because he accidentally locked the keys in his car at the post office and did not know what to do. I reached out to my insurance agency Nationwide, for roadside assistance and the let me know that they would contact someone in that area to help. Within less than 5 minutes I received a text message that POP A LOCK CLEARWATER would contact me to let me know when they could go out to assist my son. Within minutes a gentleman reached out to me and told me that he was in route and would arrive in 15 minutes his name was Dylan. I sent Dylan a message to let him know that my son is deaf and that I was his mom and worried about my son. Dylan asked for his number to text him to let him know who he was and that he was on his way to him. Also, he asked me what was the best way to communicate with him and assured me that he would be fine. I sent my son a message for him to contact me once Dylan arrived. When my son contacted me not only did he say that Dylan unlocked his door quickly but that he felt terrible that it was pouring down raining and that Dylan got soaked. He said Dylan smiled and made him feel safe.

I as a mother want Dylan to know how much I appreciate his compassion and patience. And I am truly grateful that you also comforted me through the entire process and let me know that my son was safely on his way. I hope that the owner and or management knows what a valuable dedicated employee Dylan is.”

Thank you and God bless,
Sylvia Burt

“Mrs Smith called to say John provided excellent customer service.  He was very friendly and knowledgeable.” —  Mrs. Smith

“It is my privilege to sincerely honor and recognize your service worker of today (7/12/2017), who assisted me in re-keying my front door locks to my Winding Wood Villa.  Today, he resolved a most crucial fear with the warments concern and empathy for my extreme situation.  With great gratitude I am deeply touched.  I appreciate Mr. Richard R representing Pop-A-Lock for his will to instantly come to my rescue and so warmly resolve my home security issue to perfection.  Never have I had a locksmith take serious responsibility for his no rush time spent, to re-key all locks flawlessly.  I know a thank you for such sincere concern not only gives promotion to your brand, but also bestows the most pleasant gesture in his assignment, where a thank you could never be enough.  Please recognize this excellent worker who is an asset to your Clearwater, FL firm.” — Maria A

“June called to say Dylan was great.  He stood in the pouring rain for 20 minutes to get her in.  She is quite thankful.” —  June S

“My family and I are on vacation from NJ but unfortunately we had a mishap yesterday (our first day in Clearwater, Florida):  I inadvertently locked our luggage in our rental car’s trunk.

 I mistakenly put the valet switch in the trunk to the Locked position and later learned that our one and only key (no fob came with the rental) WAS a valet key and was not the master key!  Our key ONLY opens the car door and works the ignition.

I spent roughly 2 hours on the phone with Alamo (twice), AAA and even the Hyundai dealer in St. Pete.  It was late afternoon and technicians were leaving for the day.

 Fortunately the desk folks at our hotel (Pelican Pointe) gave me your number.  Brenda gave me a quote of $84.95 on the phone and said someone would be there in about 30 minutes.

 Sure enough, in about 30 minutes we had your service guy Frank show up.  Within 15 minutes or so he had the trunk open after snaking a wire between the back seats to hit the trunk release latch.

I very much appreciated Frank’s timely assistance and if there’s any way he can be given a bonus (or a chance at one), that would be great.  I told him I wanted to put in this good word for him and he suggested I use this email to give him a chance at some type of gift card.

 Thank you Pop-A-Lock for coming to our rescue!”

“Jim called to say John did a very good job, he really knew what he was doing!”

“Patricia called in to compliment Richard, she said he was very professional and knowledgeable with the service he was providing. He did a fantastic job and she is very grateful. She knows most people call with complaints, but she wanted to call with something good, she will recommend Pop-A-Lock to others that need assistance.”
“Mary called to say Charles was amazing. He went out and made the key with no problems, he was very professional and courteous. She said he was a pleasure to be around and she will definitely call Pop-A-Lock for anything she needs.”
“We locked ourselves out of the house late last night . Late. And wearing our pajamas, no less. We’ve had no prior need for a locksmith, so we began making cold calls to locksmiths. After contacting a few services that sounded as if we were calling someone’s ex-brother-in-law’s mobile (seriously – I think there was a fight going on in the background during of one of my calls), we found Pop-a-Lock. What a relief! The woman who answered the phone was efficient and professional. She dispatched a locksmith to arrive within thirty minutes. The cost of the visit was fair (a little more than the brother-in-law place, but then he thought “maybe he could make it ‘down there’ in a couple of hours….”) We received a text with the service provider’s name and photo and a Google track of his route. Whomever thought to provide that was a genius (or a parent) – it was incredibly reassuring to know who was coming and when he would arrive. Our Locksmith , Michael (and forgive me, please, if I have the name incorrect – it was a stressful time) was charming – professional, courteous, and engaged. We felt comfortable having him in our home – not a small thing at such an hour. Just getting us back in so quickly would have met my expectation – Michael far exceeded them. While it is my fond hope that I never need your services again, if I do, I will certainly return to Pop-a-Lock.”
“Richard was not only fast and nice, he was great! We should have more people like Richard.”

“David was outstanding, he was a true gentleman and even tried to help me find my lost keys.”

“The service I received from pop-A-Lock was wonderful as always. CSP64 delivered in a timely manner and delivered service if he had been in the business for a number of years.  I have never been disappointed with Pop-A-Lock. Even if I had to wait the service has always been great.  CSP64 was courteous ,polite , trustworthy and even quick on the job. Pop-A-Lock sure has come a long way from when they first started. Job well done!”

“Thank you for the prompt tire change service Matt-2c provided for me on July 27.  I was told it would be a 35 minute wait for someone to arrive, but he was there much quicker than that, which was a relief since I was going to be late for a dinner engagement.  He was most accommodating with his explanation of how the spare should be used, reminded me to release the emergency brake.Thanks for the good work on a very hot, humid Friday.”

“The service was fantastic – the tech was there in 6 mins and had me laughing and made me feel really good by the time he was done. He was phenomenal! I will recommend Pop-A-Lock to everyone all the time!!!! Professional, efficient, sense of humor, I could keep going on and on and on about how wonderful he was on this job. I also wanted to say how wonderful the dispatcher was. Your company and employees are doing great.”

“I would like to send the technician, Jeff Schneeberger, a compliment on his professionalism. I was also very satisfied with the quickness of service. Thanks again, Jeff!”

“I am extremely happy with the service provided today by Denyse, the person who answered my call, and also your tech Jeffery. Denyse was very nice and pleasant with me and gave me all the information I asked for. Your tech got there asap, started my car within 10 seconds, and was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I work for Lowes and know how you get more complaints than anything nice, so I wanted to make sure people know how happy I was with the service you provided for me today.”
“You all are angels. On May 15, 2010, we traveled to my Mothers home in Palm Harbor, FL, from Gilchrist County, Florida. We arrived for Great Grandma’s first look at her first great grandbaby. We were so excited that we all got out quickly, then tried to open the back door to get the 3 1/2 week old baby out for Great Grandma to see………. The door was locked…………..We tried to open the door ourselves……calling Pop-A-Lock about 5 minutes later. Your Man was very quick and had our baby out in less than 40 seconds.We were all very upset. We went to pay him, and he informed us that if an infant is inside the vehicle, the call if free. WHAT????? You mean there are still angels in this world! You all don’t know how much we appreciated your kindness. We were all very impressed. We will always call Pop-A-Lock from now on. We were so concerned about the baby, I don’t think we properly thanked your technician. We can’t read his name on the work order, maybe Richard 28? Anyhow he knows who he is, and we thank God for him. Thank you all so very much.”
“On Wednesday afternoon, July 27th, in Pinellas county, our 19 month old son got accidentally locked in our vehicle by himself. We were frantic, despite the fact that the car was running and the a/c was on. My husband called our insurance provider, who contacted your company to come out and unlock our car. Your employee, Steve, arrived within minutes and promptly assessed the situation and successfully unlocked our car and our son was saved. We were so relieved! Thank you so much for providing such prompt and courteous service. We have already pre-programed your number into our phones in case we ever need locksmithing services in the future and will always recommend you to anyone we know who ever is in need of a locksmith.”
“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service provided by Matt, #04, who came to my aid when I locked myself out of my vehicle today at Premier Health Club. I have Hyundai Roadside Assistance, but have never used it before. With my husband out of town and two small children in tow, I was concerned about how the situation would play out. Matt not only arrived as scheduled, but a little early, and had my door open and my keys in my hand within minutes. I was extremely impressed with his prompt and courteous service. I gave one of the Pop-A-Lock business cards he gave me to the girl at the health club’s front desk, as I’m sure I’m not the first member who’s locked herself out of her car, and sang his praises. Thanks again for your good work. You turned a stressful situation into a good customer service story!”
“We at National Office Products would like to thank you for your prompt services as we needed our locks done immediately, your company did so. It is not often that you find companies that are willing to accommodate customers as well as you did. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.”

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