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Pop-A-Lock of Clearwater is committed to offering customer service that is second to none. Our customers rave about our quick service in times of need and our ability to make people feel comfortable and helped in stressful situations.

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Real Customer Reviews

“I live in Ohio and my son resides in Largo, Florida. On August 29th my son who is deaf contacted me to find help for him because he accidentally locked the keys in his car at the post office and did not know what to do. I reached out to my insurance agency Nationwide, for roadside assistance and the let me know that they would contact someone in that area to help. Within less than 5 minutes I received a text message that POP A LOCK CLEARWATER would contact me to let me know when they could go out to assist my son. Within minutes a gentleman reached out to me and told me that he was in route and would arrive in 15 minutes his name was Dylan. I sent Dylan a message to let him know that my son is deaf and that I was his mom and worried about my son. Dylan asked for his number to text him to let him know who he was and that he was on his way to him. Also, he asked me what was the best way to communicate with him and assured me that he would be fine. I sent my son a message for him to contact me once Dylan arrived. When my son contacted me not only did he say that Dylan unlocked his door quickly but that he felt terrible that it was pouring down raining and that Dylan got soaked. He said Dylan smiled and made him feel safe.
I as a mother want Dylan to know how much I appreciate his compassion and patience. And I am truly grateful that you also comforted me through the entire process and let me know that my son was safely on his way. I hope that the owner and or management knows what a valuable dedicated employee Dylan is.”

Thank you and God bless,
Sylvia Burt

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